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By Mirelle Macdonald

When styled right a bar cart can capture the best of 70’s chic mixed with a healthy dose of modern style.

If you’ve been paying attention as you scroll through Instagram, you’ll know bar carts are no longer just a place to store your booze collection.

Yes, that’s correct, styling a bar cart is a serious game with decor, flowers, books and more now getting in on the action.

A bar cart can be much more than storage for your tipple collection. There are easy ways to make it beautiful! Picture: Coco Republic.

1. Think simple (to start)

To begin the styling process it’s best to keep it simple. Think about how you want to use your bar cart and decide what essential items it will need to house. For instance, do you want your bar cart to only function as a place to make drinks or do you want to go further and make a statement by sprucing things up with decor, fruit and flowers?

You can achieve a high-end look by keeping your cart free of clutter and showing off your favourite bottles and glassware. Or you can use the rest of the cart to display other key items like prints, books and essential bar accessories. Picture: Neue Blvd.

2. Style in zones

Once you’ve decided what items you want to display on your bar cart, the fun part begins. The key to styling it right, however, is to style in zones. For example, dedicate certain zones to specific items, whether it’s glassware, bottles or cocktail accessories. This will create a clean, organised look and be the perfect base layer for you to add statement items to.

Inject touches of personality with vintage cocktail sets, beautiful glassware and handcrafted crystal decanters. Picture: Coco Republic.

3. Colour your world

The colour scheme you choose when styling a bar cart will depend on a few things:

  • How will it match with the room it will live in?
  • What look do you want to achieve?
  • Do you want to add decor and greenery?

For complete colour freedom when adding decorative pieces, it’s easiest to go for bottles, glassware and cocktail paraphernalia in similar tones. If you’re after a more eclectic look and a riot of colour, however, opt for a simple bar cart to anchor your colour scheme.

Style a bar cart with similar colours while still making a statement. Picture: Neue Blvd.

4. The wow factor

Once you have the base layer sorted, you can take your styling up a notch. There’s no rule book that says you can only keep booze on your bar cart, so add that vase full of blooms or something ornamental, if you wish. What you do need to consider, however, is what look you want to achieve and how this will match back with the room you keep your bar cart in.

The addition of greenery, floral items or even fruit, feels intentional and will do wonders in making your cart feel like it’s a part of the room’s design. Picture: Neue Blvd.

5. Play with height

Now you’re getting to the pointy end of styling your bar cart. To finish – and really show off your pro styling skills – play around with the height of the items on your cart. It’s all about balance. For instance, you might like to arrange small things at the front and then ascend back with taller things in one corner or have taller things lined up along the back. You can fake height, too, by styling a couple of items – bottles or decor – on top of a stack of books.

A stack of coffee table books and a vase instantly add a sculptural element, however go for a few well-chosen larger items, rather than lots of little pieces – it packs more of a punch. Picture: West Elm Australia.


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