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By Mirelle Macdonald

If cleaning makes you want to run and hide, then this one is for you. These chic cleaning products are proven to make you want to clean more*.

Doing the chores is enough to make you want to pull the covers over your head and pretend you are somewhere else, right?

While the weekly ‘once over’ of your home might not be something you’d ever pop on the top of your to-do list, we do have some encouraging news for your chore-allergic self: stylish cleaning products.

Yep, they DO exist! And the best bit? They are guaranteed to make you want to clean more than you do now*.

From the best-ever garment care products to household cleaning essentials that smell so good you might be inclined to spritz them on as a fragrance, here we’ve rounded up our favourite stylish cleaning products that look so pretty you’ll want to keep them all out on display.

*Okay, so we can’t exactly guarantee these stylish cleaning products will make you want to clean more than you do now, however, we would argue they will make you more enthusiastic about doing the chores!

1.Garment Care by Ms Brown Store

If the heavenly scents of Ms Brown products don’t reel you in, be sold by the fact the company’s founder, Alexandra Brown – an ex-Vogue editor – grew up on a merino sheep farm and has spent years in search of the best methods and products for washing her precious delicates. And did we mention the gorgeous packaging? Ms Brown had us at hello! Can be purchased here: Garment Care by Ms Brown Store

2. Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner by Williams Sonoma

The tangy aroma of grapefruit with a hint of natural orange? Check. An all-purpose product that energises, cleans and deodorises? Check. Check. Check. This biodegradable product (which contains no parabens, ammonia, chlorine or lauramide DEA), smells so good you will want to use it daily. Maybe sometimes twice! Can be purchased here: Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner by Williams Sonoma

3. Laundry Wash by Bondi Wash

While we’re also big fans of Bondi Wash’s Floor Wash, the stand-out is the Laundry Wash that comes in divine-smelling Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender. Suitable for both machine and hand washing, you get bang for your buck (as well as the stylish packaging) because it’s a concentrated formula and only requires a little bit. Can be purchased here: Laundry Wash by Bondi Wash

4. Starter Pack by Murchison Hume

With fragrances like Original Fig and Australian White Grapefruit, be warned, you’ll want every product from Murchison Hume! So that you don’t go overboard on these natural babies, we recommend going for the Clean Starter Kit, which includes some of their best products such as, Counter Safe All-Purpose Surface Cleaner, Boys’ Bathroom Cleaner, Heirloom Dish Soap, Premium Glass Cleaner and a little cardboard caddy to keep it all in. Can be purchased here: Starter Pack by Murchison Hume

5. Dish Soap by Common Good

Available in Bergamot, Lavender and Unscented, the Dish Soap by Common Good doesn’t just clean your dishes well, it will also leave your hands moisturised. Formulated with non-toxic products that are gentle and safe for kids, pets and the environment, this one ticks all of the eco-friendly boxes. Can be purchased here: Dish Soap by Common Good

6. Glass Cleaner by Planet Luxe

Beautifully designed packaging is one of our favourite things and it’s even better if the product within delivers too. Triumphs of both form and function, this glass cleaner is truly transparent when it comes to crystal clear surfaces. Expunge grunge, smudges, fingerprints and soap scum without leaving streaks or residue. Your windows, mirrors, shower screens and glass surfaces will shimmer with joy. Formulated with non-toxic products and smells deeelish…um, yes please! Can be purchased here: Glass Cleaner – Bergamot Blend by Planet Luxe

7. Baies Room Spray by Diptyque Paris

Now, be warned: This is definitely one that you’ll be tempted to spray on your person rather around the house. With a delightful mix of rose and red fruits, your home will thank you for using this one. And the added bonus? Diptyque products look so good they beckon to be on display as a sort of decor in their own right. Can be purchased here: Baies Room Spray by Diptyque Paris


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