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HONOUR AVENUE GRACEVILLE (Suburban Centre Improvement Project)

By Mirelle Macdonald

Honour Avenue centre in Graceville to be revitalised

Brisbane City Council is planning a streetscape improvement project for the Honour Avenue shopping centre in Graceville. This $3.75 million project has been made possible through a funding partnership between Council and property owners in the centre.

Council would like to thank local property owners for supporting this project.

Brisbane’s suburbs are the heart of community life and are constantly changing. Filled with history and diversity, they have become important business and community hubs. Through the Suburban Centre Improvement Project (SCIP) program, Council is working with local businesses, property owners and residents to breathe new life into local shopping precincts. The aim is to bring people back to the hub of their suburbs by creating vibrant villages.

Engaging the community is an important part of the project. We encourage you to nominate to be part of the Community Representative Group (CRG) so you can learn more about the project and its outcomes. The CRG also reviews the streetscape and artwork design development.

The team at Ray White Sherwood are very excited for this upcoming project.

Image: The Honour Avenue Graceville SCIP (to the right) is achieving the vision for a well-designed, subtropical city.

Source: Brisbane City Council.

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