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By Mirelle Macdonald

The 1920’s and 40’s were all about Art Deco and terrazzo tiles. It’s now back en vogue in a big way and it’s not just being featured on the floor. We’re talking terrazzo on the walls, furniture, homewares and even in bedding.

We knew terrazzo would reign supreme in 2017, but as we move further into the new year we will see it make its way into an increasing number of homes in 2018.

See ya later concrete pots, it’s time to let terrazzo shine in every kind of home decor, from planter pots to bedspreads. 

As we finally steer away from marble and concrete everything, interior design will begin to focus on the terrazzo stone. If you’re wondering what we’re even talking about, then it’s time to listen up. Terrazzo is a detailed and interesting composite material made from layers of cement interspersed with stone splinters – marble, glass and many other types of aggregates.

Mad fan of terrazzo? Then why not embrace it as your bed linen.

You would have most likely walked all over terrazzo floors in older buildings from the Art Deco era. They absorb no water, are extremely durable, easy to clean and long-lasting so they make for the perfect (and pricey) flooring option.

Terrazzo floors are still hugely popular in modern day homes.

3 ways to decorate with terrazzo:

If you find yourself mid-renovation and partial to the terrazzo look, here are a few ways you could splash out and add it to your home.

1. Terrazzo pots

We’re seeing many makers use traditional methods to create unique pieces of ceramic and resin homewares featuring terrazzo patterns. So if you’re looking to just dip your toes into the trend and start small, these gorgeous terrazzo pots could do just the trick.

Terrazzo Banjo pots, $115. Picture: Capra Designs

2. Kitchen splashback tiles

You really can go all out with tiles, furniture and flooring to create the terrazzo palace of your dreams. Can’t afford to go top to bottom in terrazzo? Perhaps just opt for a small motif for your walls, cupboards, sink or shower. Terrazzo tiles particularly work on kitchen counter tops, and look super stylish.

Get creative with your terrazzo tiles and consider where they’ll work best in your home.

3. Kids’ Bedroom Decor

Looking to update your little one’s playroom or bedroom with some on-trend decor? Without going to extremes, we think this gorgeous clock has a pretty colour palette that won’t date as your children grow older. Pop it in your little one’s bedroom or playroom for a bit of on-trend fun.

Custom eco resin clock, $195. Picture: Capra Designs


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