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By Mirelle Macdonald

THE First Lady of real estate in Brisbane’s western suburbs, Nanette Lilley is retiring from the industry after 46 years and her business will merge with leading property group Ray White.

Ray White Sherwood principal Cameron Crouch and his partner and joint director Aimee Carding will expand and open Ray White Graceville, joined by Nanette Lilley’s long-term investment property clients.

“We are merging the two companies and Cameron will have three of my sales staff including my grandson Charles Lilley who has already transferred to Ray White with my blessing,” said Mrs Lilley who entered the industry in 1972.

“I am officially retiring. I have had a long and successful career and I have no regrets. I am more than happy to hand over the responsibility to someone younger and enjoy myself pursuing other interests. I am keenly interested to see my grandson Charles Lilley continue to develop his career at Ray White,” Mrs Lilley said.

Mr Crouch said he had long admired Mrs Lilley and the way she grew her business to become a premier agency in the western suburbs.

“We are so excited that Nanette has entrusted us with her staff and landlords. She grew to be one of the biggest and best businesses in the western suburbs and we aspire to emulate her business growth,” Mr Crouch said.

“Nanette has always had such a long and loyal relationship with her clients and moving forward we are honoured to have them as our clients as well.”

Ray White chairman Brian White said he was delighted to see such an iconic Brisbane business passing to Ray White’s care.

“It is such a compliment to my family and me that Nanette has chosen Ray White to pass her business to. Nanette has always had such a high standing in the real estate community,” Mr White said.

“It is wonderful to see that she entrusted her career clients to Ray White, and even more so that of the future of her grandson Charles Lilley. It’s great to see the Lilley association is still in the market.”

Mr Crouch’s grandparents were long-term clients of Mrs Lilley’s, so the two families have been connected for a long time.

“The merger makes sense to me and I feel comfortable with it. The fact that Cameron and Aimee were opening a Graceville office anyway meant that the timing was perfect for all of us,” Mrs Lilley said.

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