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By Mirelle Macdonald

The beautiful simplicity that is millennial pink has been dethroned by a very loud and attention-seeking shade of yellow, and we’re super happy about it, naturally! 

Sorry, but the slew of millennial pink furnishings you’ve been curating since 2016 have been officially dubbed ‘so yesterday’ by an even younger band of youths – the Gen Z-ers.

And while we’d normally be left shaken and quite frankly, offended, to hear that our dusty pink knot cushions could possibly be thought of as dated, we can’t help but be excited by the hue set to take its place!

The best news? Gen Z yellow pairs beautifully with millennial pink.

Meet Gen Z yellow, the loud and tactile shade about to take over your abode. Gen Z yellow is vibrant, ‘look at me’ yellow and is certainly one to command attention and quickly become a talking point within a space.

Subtle pops of the shade work to bring brightness into your space.

Speaking of how the hue differs from its widely popular older sister, Millennial pink was based on a muted and androgynous Scandi pink, which was nostalgic of the ’90s and appealed to those who sought an easy change. Gen Z yellow, however, is an optimistic colour full of hope. Though it’s reminiscent of the ’70s, in 2018, the lemon hue is symbolic of a new beginning, a brighter future and an empowering present. And we’re so here for it.

Introduce the optimistic shade to your abode with a bright yellow door.

How to inject Gen Z yellow into your home

Fight that urge to paint your home’s entire facade a banana yellow, because we can suggest a few subtle ways to blend Gen Z yellow into your home. Gen Z yellow sure has the potential to dominate in a space, so think wisely about the volume and balance of this colour. Try experimenting with a fresh coat of paint in a small nook, behind an open-shelving bookcase or even your front door. Those looking to take a bigger leap may consider a feature wall or even a daring Gen Z yellow hallway. This way it’s noticed as soon as you enter the home and you can really get great light reflectance in this space.

It’s a versatile shade perfect for any room in the house.

Which colours work well with Gen Z yellow?

Great news: pairing millennial pink with pops of Gen Z yellow will create a bright and optimistic space (not an unsightly clash), so there’s no need to remove any pinks that remain in your space. The hue does, however, pair well with lush navy blues and simplistic charcoals. This is a commanding shade so make sure the balance works with the overall colours, decor and accessories.

Navy compliments the shade brilliantly.


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